Reinsurance is a well-established, yet very particularized practice area where knowledge and understanding of the business, experience in handling disputes and familiarity with the industry professionals primarily responsible for resolving disputes are critical to effective and efficient dispute resolution.  PIB Law's Reinsurance & Insurance Group was established by former in-house counsel to a leading global reinsurance company, and it has both extensive experience in defending and prosecuting numerous insurance and reinsurance arbitrations and litigations and a wealth of real-world knowledge of the business necessary to understand the goals, risks and concerns of its clients.


Over time, reinsurance arbitrations have evolved from what was once a relatively informal and inexpensive dispute resolution process to what is increasingly becoming a highly-litigious, more formal and, if not managed properly, more costly process than it needs to be.  Reinsurance disputes, small and large, must be managed strategically and efficiently.  PIB Law understands that.  We are committed to providing value-added, effective and efficient representation of our clients through early development of strategy, appropriate staffing and the establishment and maintenance of detailed arbitration and litigation budgets that are tailored to the relative complexity of each matter.


PIB Law applies that same skill and case management philosophy to insurance coverage disputes, which also continue to evolve and increase in complexity.  In addition to its extensive knowledge and experience with insurance coverage disputes that often underlie reinsurance disputes, PIB Law also has a comprehensive understanding of the insurance industry and experience advising and defending insurers involved in commercial lines coverage disputes.  With its unique experience and its forward-looking, strategic and cost-effective case management approach, PIB Law is well-equipped to effectively handle any type or size of reinsurance or insurance dispute in any forum and fulfill its clients' ever-increasing need for skilled and efficient dispute resolution.


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