PIB Law Partners Featured Speakers at 2014 ACI Events

SOMERSET, N.J., April 25, 2014 – PIB Law founding partners Sanjay Ibrahim and James Berg are featured speakers at several American Conference Institute (ACI) events in 2014.

At the ACI 18th National Conference on Consumer Finance Class Action & Litigation in Los Angeles on April 9, firm co-founder and managing partner James Berg made a feature presentation on defending against new and emerging claims related to credit, debit and prepaid cards and bank add-on services and products.

James addressed the conference on issues related to credit card and debit card litigation strategies; Credit CARD Act litigation; overdraft fees and potential CFPB initiatives; Durbin Amendment litigation and interchange fees; ATM fee sticker cases; prepaid card claims relating to disclosures, fees, expiration dates, add-on services and products and the associated rise in class actions involving add-on services and products; and claims arising from payment protection and identity theft.

Berg will also be moderating an in-house counsel panel during the ACI 14th National Forum on Residential Mortgage Litigation & Regulatory Enforcement East in Washington, D.C.

The panel addresses how CFPB's new rules are affecting litigation management and relationships with outside counsel, responding to enhanced regulation and enforcement, compliance strategies, selecting and retaining law firms and distribution of legal spend in today's environment, and more.

Berg will also moderate a panel on June 26, 2014, at the ACI's Second Bank & Non-Bank Forum on Mortgage Servicing Compliance in Dallas.  His panel will address ensuring compliance with servicing requirements, standards and protections under the Servicemembers' Civil Rights Act (SCRA).

On July 29, 2014, Jay Ibrahim will be speaking at the ACI's 19th National Conference on Consumer Finance Class Actions & Litigation in Chicago during a session entitled, "Defending Against New and Emerging Claims Relating to Credit, Debit, and Prepaid Cards and Bank Add-On Services and Products".

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